observation // documentation // contemplation // creation.

Emmelia Taylor is a textiles and visual artist currently residing in Calgary, Canada. In 2014 they graduated from the Alberta College of Art + Design with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Fiber Arts. Since then, they have been traveling to Salem, Massachusetts to study the local history, focusing on the witch trials of 1692. In 2016 they self-published the first part of what was then called The Salem Project, an art book and fashion collection inspired by and dedicated to the twenty individuals killed during the Salem witch trials.

Their work inspired by the witch trials and local Massachusetts history continues with a more extensive art series, which includes art objects and a full art book. Along with this ongoing body of work, she explores historically influenced themes and ideas through wearable art, photography, and illustration.

In their day to day life, Emmelia lives happily with their husband and their familiars. They are a witch, enjoying spooky things, gloomy music, thunderstorms, and the moon. Their inspirations come from everywhere, and they are an explorer of the world.