The Magician


Not the first tarot card drawing, but we'll be getting more detailed with the cards here! To see The Fool, check out my Instagram!

The Magician is the second card in the Major Arcana, with the assigned number 1. Personally, I love this card. The Magician always fills me with hope, inspiration, and excitement. I also get a bit of an extra boost of motivation when I draw this card.

Upright, The Magician represents manifestation and creation. The Magician is a being that can conjure something from seemingly nothing, and is the master of their own domain. Magic, creativity, conjuring, and manifestation are all potentials to be at play when The Magician is drawn.

This kitty Magician is drawn with the stars of inspiration, a magic wand, a spoon, and a crystal- all sources of focusing and creating something new!

Reversed, the Magician stands in for boredom and lack of focus or lack of inspiration. That creative spark isn't getting ignited.