Bless This Mess - Clearing Spray


Bless This Mess is a hand crafted clearing and cleansing spray, made from full moon water infused with crystal quartz, and palo santo. Spray on yourself to cleanse your aura or kick out unwanted energies that are clinging to you. Spray about a room as an alternative to smoke cleansing. Use on your mirror or altar surface as a pleasant and mild cleaner. I know I made this potion, but I swear by it. I use it on everything. E V E R Y T H I N G.

You will receive one 4 oz (approx 120 ml) bottle of Bless This Mess.

Scent profile: woodsy, light, slightly spicy.

Contains: distilled water, lunar energy, quartz crystal essence, palo santo, and witch hazel. The witch hazel acts as a preservative, and adds to the overall witchy vibes of this potion. The witch hazel also means that it won’t expire before you’re done with the bottle.

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